Stainless Steel Cable Stair Railing

Cable railings are railings that are made up of stainless steel cable strung through posts with a top rail to provide structure and stability. They are very strong, durable and can be trusted to provide safety for people in a clean, contemporary, and unobtrusive manner.

Cable railings are installed to prevent people falling from lofts, decks, stairs, and buildings, and are designed and built to meet building codes. They are also used as a division to mark out an area such as a restaurant might use on an outside patio. Another use is in other public areas where it is necessary to keep people in or out of certain areas, such as a train station to keep people off the track.

The best thing about cable railing as opposed to tube or other types of railing is that it provides the least obstructed view with the least maintenance. The tranquility of relaxing on deck in a beautiful surrounding is not ruined by a big railing in the way. Glass railings also beautiful and provide clear viewing, but need to be cleaned and come at a greater cost.

The posts of the cable railing can be made of various materials, but unless it is to be a temporary railing, metal is the best choice due to its longevity and virtually maintenance free qualities. Brushed stainless steel is recommended to those looking for the top of the line, most beautiful, durable, and maintenance free solution. Stainless steel is also best in areas where there may be salt contamination such as near the ocean or in cold areas where salt is used to melt snow and ice. For those looking for a quality railing but at a lower cost, aluminum, painted or not, and painted steel, are still excellent choices.

Installation of cable railing is a fairly simple process that can be accomplished by either a savvy homeowner or the average construction worker. The most important thing to start with is taking accurate measurements. It is rarely practical to have metal cutting equipment at the installation site which means it is necessary to have all the top rails correctly cut prior to delivery to the job site.


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