Residential Indoor Stair Lifts

If you have any difficulty negotiating your stairway, it is best to install residential indoor stair lifts. These efficient accessibility devices are economical and are greatly in demand. Besides carrying people, indoor stair lifts can also carry heavy loads, groceries and other items up and down the floors. Though considered luxurious items earlier, residential indoor stair lifts have now become a necessity, especially in multistoried buildings. Moreover, these easily fit into the existing structure of your home, or can be customized according to individual requirements.

Benefit from Value-added Features

You can install curved or straight stair lifts according to the type of staircase in your residence. Both models can be fixed directly to the staircase without making any dramatic structural change to your buildings as these are designed with simple installation features. A vertical mounted rail houses the drive system, and the device is specially designed to work with electricity and batteries. Furthermore, residential stair chair lifts come with a number of features including:

– Smooth start/stop action
– Fold-up seat and footrest – allows maximum passage for others
– Lockable isolation switch
– Swivel seat for top and bottom landings
– Comfortable armrests
– Quiet, smooth and stable operation
– Safety sensors
– Safety belt – ensures security
– Remote control


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